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What is the full form of VIP?

VIP: Very Important Person

VIP stands for Very Important Person. He or she is a person who is accorded special privilege due to his or her status, influence or importance. VIPs can be heads of government, celebrities, entrepreneurs, army officers, etc. For example, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani, NSA (National Security Advisor) Ajit Doval, and celebrities like Amitab Bacchan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, etc.

VIP Full Form

VIP persons are provided special attention and security in public places. They rarely found alone in public places and usually accompanied by their security guards or team when they travel outside or move out of their residence.

Besides this, in some cases, instead of a person, a service can be referred to as a VIP service. For example, in a movie hall, you can find VIP seats that can be purchased by anyone who is looking for a high level of comfort and privacy by paying an extra amount. Similarly, most of the airlines also have VIP seats that can be purchased by anyone, however, their cost is very high as compared to economy class seats. So, in case of VIP service, a VIP person can be seen travelling in an economy class and an ordinary person can be seen travelling in a VIP section.

Similarly, in big events like republic day or Independence Day’s gatherings, VIP rows can be seen that are reserved for eminent personalities and similarly VIP passes are also issued to eminent personalities in such gatherings.

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