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Difference between VM and Docker

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Difference between VM and Docker

The difference between VM and Docker are listed in the below table:

Features VM (Virtual Machines) Docker
Boot-Time VM boots in a few minutes. Docker takes a few seconds to boot.
Runs on A virtual machine uses a hypervisor. Dockers use an execution engine.
Memory Efficiency It is less efficient because it requires the whole operating system to be loaded before beginning the surface. No space will be required for virtualization, so less memory.
Isolation Interference possibility will be minimum because of its isolation mechanism. Dockers are prone to adversities. No provisions for many isolation systems.
Deployment VM contains lengthy deployment because it isolated instances are liable for execution. Docker contains easy deployment because of an individual image. It is containerized and can be applied beyond each platform.
Usage A virtual machine has tools that are simpler and easy-to-use to implement. Docker has a convoluted usage mechanism. It consists of docker managed tools and third party both.
OS support All virtual machines have an isolated OS. All the containers can distribute OS.
Storage It requires a few GBs. Its container is lightweight (MBs/KBs).
Availability Ready-made virtual machines are available but complex to find. Pre-built containers of dockers are available.
Resource Usage More usage of resources. Less usage of resources.
Creation Time Creating a virtual machine will take a longer time relatively. The container of the docker can be made in seconds.

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