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WooCommerce: Import California Tax Rates (.csv)

by Tutor Aspire

It took me ages to find a way to import ALL California tax rates into WooCommerce. I started by hand, and after a while I said to myself “California is crazy! I wouldn’t want to be an accountant there!”.

As usual, I looked for existing free and premium plugins, but I decided to do it my way. this tutorial gives you a ready-made CSV with all California US tax rates (as of 9 August 2014). Yes, it’s out of date, but you can download it, see how it is built, revise it with the correct rates, and follow the tutorial.

Option 1: “Automated tax calculations” (2018)

As of 2018, WooCommerce enabled “automated tax calculations” for certain countries, US included. Maybe, you don’t need to do the manual CSV import any longer.

All the info are here: https://woocommerce.com/posts/woocommerce-sales-tax-for-the-us-how-to-enable-automated-calculations-and-filing/

In a nutshell, go to Settings > Tax > Automated taxes > Enable automated taxes and you won’t need to set up taxes manually. Follow the tutorial above as you’ll need a free plugin, as well as Jetpack, in order to make this work.

Option 2: Import taxes CSV in WooCommerce (2014)

1) Go to WooCommerce / Settings / Tax / Standard Rates

2) Click on “Import CSV”

Import Taxes in WooCommerce
Import Taxes in WooCommerce

3) Select the CSV file that you can download below

4) Click on “import” – and there you go! A lot of work saved with a free, simple file download

Download CA tax rates .csv for WooCommerce now

1) Click on the file below

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Forgot, here’s the .csv file: CA_tax_rates.


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