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Ymail | What is Ymail

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What is Ymail

Ymail is an optional Yahoo email account Domain Name. It is an email service which is offered by Yahoo and was established in the year 1997. Ymail can be viewed as the desired domain name that you get whenever you sign up for a yahoo account. Upon signing up for Yahoo services, users can choose between a ‘Ymail.com’ suffix or ‘Yahoo.com’ suffix.

The Ymail domain was introduced 11 years after the launch of Yahoo email. The ymail.com domain was started alongside rocketmail.com. along with the two domains that were launched to attract new users to the email service.

The reason behind designing the new domains is to appeal to the user’s requirement to find their email address, and because of the Yahoo Email services popularity.

With millions of email users, various had to add sequences of numbers or create composite emails due to the address being taken. Adding Email wanted to make addresses available for both new and existing customers.

The Yahoo Mail itself is Yahoo’s offering email service. In 27 languages, the company’s email plans are available, and for personal use, this service is free. The storage capacity of the free version of the service is up to 1 TB, along with a 25 MB limit on email attachments.

Features of Ymail

There are various features of Ymail:

  1. Ymail is a free version.
  2. It offers you unlimited storage.
  3. In Ymail, you can attach 10 MB images or files.
  4. Ymail is fully protected from viruses and spams.
  5. When you are working, ads will appear on the screen.
  6. If users do not sign up for Ymail account, then it will be disabled.
  7. The Ymail Account holder is able to read POP3 server messages, but in the United States this service is not available.

Pros and Cons of Ymail

The Pros of Ymail are:

  1. Integrates SMS text messaging, instant messaging, email, and social networks.
  2. The Ymail comes with 1Tb of online storage.
  3. The Ymail comprises of a desktop interface and Keywords shortcuts.

The Cons of Ymail are:

  1. For the desktop email programs, Ymail does not provide IMAP access.
  2. In Ymail, we cannot freely label a message and set up smart folders.
  3. In Ymail, manual rules are not flexible, and the spam filter is not precise.

How to Setup an Ymail Account

There are various steps to set up an Ymail Account:

Step 1. First, open the browser and visit the page Yahoo Mail, or inside the address bar, you can simply type the yahoomail.com.

We can either type rocketmail.com, or ymail.com, no matter whatever you type, but it will definitely land you on the same place. Click on the “Create New Account” button.

Step 2. Clicking the “Create New Account button” will open another page, and then you need to enter your personal information on this page.

Always remember that all the information you typed is correct and you have to enter your name, postal card, birthday, gender. Always remember that you enter all the necessary information, particularly those that are not optional.

Step 3. Now, in the recommended box, type the Ymail ID and password.

By default, various possible IDs are offered by Yahoo and from which you may want to select, but in a case where you don’t like any of the recommendations, you can create your own ID.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the Ymail as the extension. Always make sure that the ID you have chosen is not presently used by anyone else, and then to verify it click on the “check” button. And in the password field, type a password.

Step 4. This step is optional, but if you lose or forget your login details, then it is very helpful and vital.

In this step, you will need to enter the substitute email address, that use yahoo in the case when you forgot your ID and password, then from the drop-down menus you have to select 2 secret questions and then type the answer to the secret questions that you selected.

When this step is done, then your security is guaranteed.

Step 5. In the next step, you have to type the visual code, which will appear in the big box below the secret questions to prove that you are a real person, not a robot.

The code is not case sensitive. You might choose using letters in the lower case. If there is any problem in the code, then you can also make new try, for new code, click on the blue link which will appear underneath the window which says “Try new code” this will bring up another set of codes as long as you obtain the code which you can read easily.

There is also an option of “Audio code” so you can also select this by clicking on the “Audio code”. When you click on this Audio code, then will listen a voice and you have to type the voice that you heard in the audio code, in the appropriate field.

Step 6. After you perform all the above steps, next, you have to click on the button named “Create Your Account.” After clicking on the Create Your Account button, the next thing you will see “congratulations on creating a new Ymail account” and showing your account details. Finally, click on the continue button to begin using your account.

How do I Delete My Ymail Account?

Before deciding that whether you wish to delete your Ymail account or not, you have to know one crucial thing, if you delete your Ymail account once, you will not be able to get it unless you want to settle Yahoo.com account.

There are various steps to delete your Ymail account:

Step 1. First, you have to go to Yahoo’s terminating your Yahoo! Account page.

Step 2. Login into your Yahoo account with the help of your login details.

Step 3. To confirm your identity, type in your password.

Step 4. Next, if you need to delete your account, then confirm it by clicking on Yes.

Step: – Then, your Ymail account is deleted completely.

Yahoo Mail Login- Ymail Login

There are various steps to Login to My Mail account:

  1. When we create our email account, then from the main login page, we can access it. Visit the current mail login page of Yahoo by using the mentioned link http:/login.yahoo.com.
  2. There have also been various substitutes available for Yahoo login addresses, together with the Ymail login page at http://www.ymail.com and the Yahoo mail login page at http://www.yahoomail.com. Although all of these should now redirect to the URL http://login.yahoo.com and bookmarks should be updated to that address.
  3. The process of login is simple. Once the page is loaded, just enter the complete email address in the given field and then click on the ‘Next”.
  4. Now, enter the password on the next page and further click on the ‘Next’. There is a ‘Show Password’ that can make entering our login credentials correctly easier.
  5. If we have entered our credentials correctly, then we will get access to our account.

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