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Bootstrap Progress Bar

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Bootstrap Progress Bar

The progress bar shows how far a user is in a process. In Bootstrap, there are several types of progress bars.

The class .progress within a <div> element is used to create a default progress bar in bootstrap.

Bootstrap Progress Bar Example

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Bootstrap 4 Basic Progress Bar

Progress bar is used to show a user how far long he/she is in a process. To create create a default progress bar, add a .progress class to a container element and and the progress-bar class to its child element. Use the CSS width property to set the width of the progress bar.


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Bootstrap Progress bar with Label

The progress bar with label specifies the percentage of progress of a specific process.

You have to remove the .sr-only class from the progress bar to show a visible percentage.

See this example:

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Bootstrap Colored Progress bar

You can use contextual classes to create colored progress bar.

The contextual classes that are used to create colored progress bar:

  • .progress-bar-success
  • .progress-bar-info
  • .progress-bar-warning
  • .progress-bar-danger

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Bootstrap Stripped Progress bar

You can create stripped progress bar by using class .progress-bar-striped .

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Bootstrap Animated progress bar

You have to use class .active to create animated progress bar.

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Bootstrap Stacked Progress bar (Multi-colored progress bar)

You can create stacked progress bar by placing multiple bars into the same <div class="progress">

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Note: Two types of new colored progress bar are added in Bootstrap 4:

  • .progress-bar-white
  • .progress-bar-secondary
  • .progress-bar-light
  • .progress-bar-dark


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