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WooCommerce: How Many Products Can It Handle?

by Tutor Aspire

One of the most frequently asked questions by a mile, the exact upper limit of product handling by WooCommerce is always a major worry.

Well, that’s the wrong question to ask.

The correct one is: “How Fast Can Your WooCommerce Website Go?”. Or even: “Is WooCommerce Scalable”?

Well, WooCommerce.com has a specific knowledgebase page on “scaling”, and it’s no surprise one of the most important things they mention is “we’ve seen instances of shops with 100,000+ products listed, handling thousands of transactions per minute“.

So, if you concentrate on optimizing your website speed, database queries and page loading time, there won’t be a problem with the “number of products“. In plain English, WooCommerce can handle unlimited products – as long as your website is not slow.

Also, make sure to select a proper hosting, as that’s where most scalability problems come from.

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