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Salesforce Community Cloud

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Salesforce Community Cloud

  • The community cloud service provides a platform to maintain communication between the employees, customers, and sales or business partners. It also enables customers to share data & images in real-time.
  • It allows the organizations to directly connect with the customers, enhance partner success, and increase the employee’s productivity. With this community cloud, we can give a personalized experience to each customer. The customers can find communities to resolve their problems or queries easily.
  • The Community Cloud can be called as the portal, help forum, support site, or else.
  • It is a new way to connect customers, employees, and partners to share the information and collaborate on the business processes. It helps all of them by providing the required data and records to complete their work efficiently.
  • The Salesforce community cloud is much flexible to be fitted with any business demand.

Salesforce community Cloud Licenses

There are three types of community cloud licenses, which are given below:

  1. Partner Community
  2. Customer Community Plus
  3. Customer Community

Selecting the most appropriate community license, that can be used for external users, is one of the most challenging tasks for the community project. Let’s understand each of them:

Salesforce Community Cloud

Customer Community License:

  • The Customer community license is best for the customer portal or peer-to-peer forum.
  • It is the best selection if there are thousands or millions of users in the community.

Customer Community Plus License:

  • It is the advanced version of the customer community license. It can be used for both B2B, and B2C uses cases without involving the Sales cases.
  • It provides access to reports and dashboards with the advanced sharing options.

Partner Community License:

  • These are the highest license tiers, which are the best for the B2B use cases, where the sales occur through the distribution channel.
  • This provides access to different Salesforce objects such as Leads, opportunities, and campaign.
  • It can be used for the different use cases such as partner relationship management for resellers, dealer sites, etc.

Advantages of Salesforce Community Cloud

  • It provides a variety of experiences for particular requirements.
  • It allows us to extend the business processes for the customers as well as Partners.
  • It allows us to integrate the data from third-party providers.
  • It helps to build beautiful branded experiences using the various themes and templates.
  • It allows us to use the Salesforce CMS to create efficient content and be delivered to any channel.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Features of Community Cloud

1. Build your community

The feature helps to build and customize the community to accomplish the requirement.

2. Connect your customers

The community cloud provides the stellar service with powerful community software. This software helps the users to create efficient, self-service experiences. The following are the ways to connect to the customers:

  • The community cloud helps the customers and agents to work smartly with the easy access to
  • With the easy case creation feature, customers can directly create community cases, and these cases will automatically be escalated based on the keywords.
  • It creates a vibrant community by identifying the most active members. It also allows the members to endorse each other within the community for specific skills and experiences.
  • It integrates the e-commerce platform to create new purchasing opportunities by enabling the customers to search and buy products all in one environment.
  • The community management console with the preconfigured and customizable lightning dashboards helps businesses analyze various matrices, such as adoption, popular groups, etc.

3. Grow Partner Sales

The Salesforce community cloud accelerates the sales channel by connecting directly with the resellers, distributors, and partners. In the following ways, it increases partner sales:

  • It allows us to share contacts, leads and records with partners. It centralizes the pricing, inventory, etc., by integrating the third-party systems.
  • It enables easy data sharing options and connects the partners with the product experts. It also adjusts the sharing to provide access to the relevant information only to the partners.
  • It also allows us to provide the action right in the feed. With the action rights, we can convert the leads to opportunities and approve the marketing funds.
  • With the reports and dashboards, it allows us to track and rank the performance of the partner. We can also share customizable reports with partners to ensure alignment with the main aims.

4. Empower your Employees

The Salesforce community cloud enhances the productivity of employees and engagement with internal and branded communities.

The community cloud empowers the employees in the following ways:

  • Give your file context with secure, social, and mobile file access embedded into your core business processes. Sync files across all devices and brings them into one easily accessible location.
  • Give structure to discussions and activities. Create a group for your team, an upcoming event, a new project, or a campaign. Share files and records across your organization, and even integrate video.
  • Access all information with auto generated topic pages. Collect discussions, files, groups, and experts into a single page. Users follow updated topics on relevant conversations in the community.
  • Employees can collaborate on projects, find subject-matter experts, get updates, and more. Foster a more innovative workplace where anyone, anywhere, can contribute ideas.

5. Business Integration

  • It allows us to see the global view if the complete order lifecycle through different selling channels.
  • It manages the Order place, order fulfilment, order delivery from one place.
  • It provides the master repository that contains information on all the orders.
  • It provides easy content management as you can create the content in one place and provide it wherever required.
  • It provides the CMS workspace-a creative control room. In this workspace, we can develop, manage, and sync everything that wants to show to the customers. We can also update the content as per the requirement to keep them updated.
  • The content developer of the site can collaborate and manage the variations for the personalized experience.
  • The CMS system with easy content management allows us to create new blogs, social posts, emails and many other things to build the custom content as per the requirement.

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