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History of Cassandra

Cassandra was initially developed at Facebook by two Indians Avinash Lakshman (one of the authors of Amazon’s Dynamo) and Prashant Malik. It was developed to power the Facebook inbox search feature.

The following points specify the most important happenings in Cassandra history:

  • Cassandra was developed at Facebook by Avinash Lakshman and Prashant Malik.
  • It was developed for Facebook inbox search feature.
  • It was open sourced by Facebook in July 2008.
  • It was accepted by Apache Incubator in March 2009.
  • Cassandra is a top level project of Apache since February 2010.
  • The latest version of Apache Cassandra is 3.2.1.

See the following table which includes all the Cassandra versions, its release date and its current functionalities:

VersionOriginal Release DateLatest VersionRelease DateStatus
0.62010-04-120.6.132011-04-18No longer supported.
0.72011-01-100.7.102011-10-31No longer supported.
0.82011-06-030.8.102012-02-13No longer supported.
1.02011-10-181.0.122012-10-04No longer supported.
1.12012-04-241.1.122013-05-27No longer supported.
1.22013-01-021.2.192014-09-18No longer supported.
2.02013-09-032.0.172015-09-21No longer supported.
2.12014-09-162.1.172017-02-21Still supported.
2.22015-07-202.2.92017-02-21Still supported.
3.02015-11-093.0.112017-02-21Still supported.
3.102017-02-033.102017-02-03Latest release.
3.112017-02-223.112017-02-11Github 3.11 branch.

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