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What is Akka

Akka is a open-source library or a toolkit. It is used to create concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant application. You can integrate this library into any JVM(Java Virtual Machine) support language. In this tutorial, we will integrate this into Scala programming language.

Akka is written in Scala. It implements Actor Based Model. The Actor Model provides a higher level of abstraction for writing concurrent and distributed applications. It helps to developer to deals with explicit locking and thread management. Akka makes it easier to write correct concurrent and parallel application.

Why named Akka?

It is the name of a beautiful Swedish mountain up in the northern part of Sweden called Laponia. The mountain is also sometimes called ‘The Queen of Laponia’.

Akka is also the name of a goddess in the Sami (the native Swedish population) mythology. She is the goddess that stands for all the beauty and good in the world. The mountain can be seen as the symbol of this goddess.

The name Akka is a palindrome of letters A and K as in Actor Kernel.

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