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Robotics is the term used in artificial intelligence that deals with a study of creating intelligent and efficient robots.

What is Robotics

What are Robots

Robots are multifunctional, re-programmable, automatic industrial machine designed for replacing human in hazardous work.

Robots can be work as:-

  • An automatic machine sweeper
  • In space
  • A machine removing mines in a war field
  • An automatic car for a child to play with
  • In military, etc.


The aim of the robot is to manipulate the objects by perceiving, moving, picking, modifying the physical properties of object.

What is Robotics

Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is mainly composed of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science engineering for construction, designing and

application of robots.

Robotics is science of building or designing an application of robots. The aim of robotics is to design an efficient robot.

Aspects of Robotics

  • The robots have electrical components for providing power and control the machinery.
  • They have mechanical construction, shape, or form designed to accomplish a particular task.
  • It contains some type of computer program that determines what, when and how a robot does something.
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