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Basic Msfconsole commands

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Basic Msfconsole commands

In this section, we will learn about the Msfconsole commands. In the dock, there is a Metasploit icon, and by clicking on this icon, we can start the msfconsole and Metasploit framework. Using this, the Metasploit service and PostgreSQL service will automatically start.

Updating Metasploit with msfupdate

Using the following commands, we can start updating Metasploit. Instead of writing commands in msfconsole, we will write commands in a terminal.


In order to update the Metasploit framework to the latest version, we use the msfupdate command. We should be weekly expecting the updates said by the updates.

Note that our Metasploit installation might be break by running the msfupdate command. When we run this command, we run into errors; shown as follows:

Firstly, we will execute the following commands and will try to fix this problem:

The above commands are used to solve the problem from our side. If the packet has an outdated version, it can probably do something. After running an update, if we face some problems like broken Metasploit installation, then to fix it, we need some help, which is shown by the following command function. To solve this, we will try our level best. Now we will continue this with msfconsole.

Metasploit msfconsole

If we want to know about the backend command and Metasploit core with a description, the help command will be useful, but before doing this, msfconsole must be available, and Metasploit must be booted.

Basic Msfconsole commands

If we explain every single command of Metasploit, it would be outside the scope and a waste of time. In this tutorial, we want to provide the knowledge to run Metasploit. For this moment, it is sufficient to have some basic knowledge of basic commands. If we want to learn more, we will go to advance options. In the description of a command, the working of the command and use of the command is very clear. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the most basic and useful Metasploit command as:

Basic commands: info, back, search, exit and use.

Exploit commands: Variables will be set by the set command, and the exploit option will be shown by the show command. Some other commands are encoders nops, evasion targets, payloads, and advanced options.

Exploit execution commands: Exploit will be run against a target by using the run and exploit commands.

If we want to classify anything, we also have Metasploit documentation along with Metasploit. In the next section, we are going to take a look at the Metasploit commands.

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