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How to Install Yii in Ubuntu

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How to Install Yii on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?


Yii is a high performance, component-based PHP framework. It is used to develop modern web application rapidly. The name Yii is an acronym for Yes It Is!

In this tutorial, we will install Yii. Before installing make sure, we meet all the given prerequisites.


  • LAMP Stack
  • Composer
  • PHP 5.4.0 or higher (Prefer PHP7)
  • And following PHP extensions

Software Yii 1

Yii Installation

We are using composer to install Yii, the following command is used to create application.

Yii2 Directory Structure

Software Yii 2

Crafting application

Use the following command to get application.

Software Yii 3

Provide Hidden Tokens

It will ask for hidden tokens that are used to get API permission from the GitHub. We can get these tokens from the Github.com by login our Git account.

Following is the sequence that we need to follow to generate tokens.

go to user profile → select settings → Developer settings → Personal access tokens → generate new tokens.

It will open the following form.

Software Yii 4

Scroll to down page and click on Generate token button.

Software Yii 5

It will create a token that looks like the following.

Software Yii 6

Copy these tokens and paste into the terminal where process asking for hidden tokens. Tokens will not display, so just press enter.

Software Yii 7

Run Application

After this process, an application tutoraspire is created. We can access it to the browser by using localhost/tutoraspire/web/. It will show a home page that looks like the following.

Software Yii 8

Check Requirements

This application contains a requirements.php file that can be used to check that our application meets all its requirements or not.

Use localhost/tutoraspire/requirements.php to the browser and it will display following output.

Software Yii 9

Well, we have created a fresh Yii application. Now, we can design and developed it according to our requirement.

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