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What is SMO and Importance

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What is Social Media Optimization and its Importance?

SMO is a process or a set of activities that helps you increase website traffic through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. A social media site is an online platform that allows us to interact with people and build social networks across the world. You can perform various tasks or activities through social media, e.g. you can participate in discussions, share your thoughts, create your page to promote your business etc.

Importance of Social Media Optimization

  • It allows you use social media posts to drive targeted traffic.
  • It allows you build a social network, interact with people and your customers. You can also read others’ tweets and status updates to get ideas about their interests, preferences and expectations.
  • Social media ads allow you target and retarget as you can customize the social media ads. For example: you can target users of a particular location, education level and even on the basis of purchase history and pages they have liked.
  • It allows you respond immediately to queries and problems of your customers related to your product or service. You can provide relevant information and resolve problems right away to satisfy your customers.
  • It increases your brand loyalty, i.e. brands that are active on social media have more loyal customers.
  • It provides you competitive edge. You can approach your potential customers first than your competitors. Today, more than 90% brands use more than one social media platform.
  • It helps you boost your sales through social media marketing. It is believed that around 70% business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.
  • It increases your customer base, i.e. customers you didn’t know existed can easily find you.

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