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How to Install WordPress in Ubuntu

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How to Install WordPress in Ubuntu 16.04?


Wordpress is an open source CMS (Content Management System). It is used to create dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL database.

It works on cross-platform and can be installed on any operating system.

In this tutorial, we are installing wordpress in the Ubuntu 16.04. This whole process includes the following steps.


  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
  • Login as root user, to the terminal

1) Download Wordpress

Change current working directory to the /var/www/html/ and run the following command.

Software WordPress 1

It will download a zip folder that contains wordpress template. Extract the folder by using the following command.

Software WordPress 2

2) Create a Database

We are creating a database wordpress in MySQL as given in the following screen-shot.

Software WordPress 3

3) Access Wordpress From Localhost

Software WordPress 4

Click on let’s go!

4) Provide Database Details

Software WordPress 5

Provide database name, database username and password. Specify database host, if database is located at the localhost, enter localhost.

Click on submit, it shows php code.

Software WordPress 6

Create a file wp-config.php inside the wordpress folder. Copy that code and paste into the created file.

After this, click Run the install.

5) Provide Login Details

Fill login details into the following form.

Software WordPress 7

After providing all details. Click on the button Install WordPress and it will show a success message after doing some internal configuration and installation.

Software WordPress 8

6) Login into Wordpress

Login into the wordpress by providing login details.

Software WordPress 9

After login, it shows a dashboard that looks like below.

Software WordPress 10

Now, we have installed wordpress in Ubuntu 16.04 successfully.

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